Bozeman Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Bozeman Internet Providers

For a smaller town in Montana like Bozeman there are a surprising amount of ISP’s available to provide high speed Internet access.  There are options from larger corporate providers as well as more local options and even some regional fiber based providers.  We’ll include the caveat to verify service availability from each of the providers but we’ve attempted to provide an exhaustive list for the casual Netflix streamer to the hardcore remote office home worker.  If you are just talking about getting Wi-Fi at your place then yes we’re talking about the same thing.  

Just to get technical for a second, Wi-Fi is just the last part of connecting to the Internet.  This will involve having a router that provides wireless connectivity in your house, apartment, condo or any physical location.  When you get broadband Internet service you’ll have physical wired connectivity to the provider (in most cases).  The provider might use several different devices to connect to their own network but in most cases they’ll provide you a convenient connection option like wi-fi as part of their service.  In many cases though providing your own router can give you much better performance overall.  This is a separate topic though we might cover later.

If you your new residence was previously occupied it’s always a good idea to inquire who they might have used and their recommendations.  Internet service can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood as well as different service options.  If you are moving in to a new home in a newer development often the Homeowners Association or builder representative can tell you what providers might have higher speed or even fiber based offerings. In the event you are more outside the standard neighborhoods in more remote locations there are some wireless options you might want to pursue. We hope to cover every option available here in Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan, Amsterdam, Big Sky and Gallatin county to cover all of the bases. In almost all cases we’d recommend looking at the offers for the various providers but contacting them as their service in Bozeman and the Gallatin valley varies and might not be readily available in their automated tooling.  This was definitely true for us as we were getting our service delivered in our new at the time home in Flanders Mill.

Bozeman ISP Categories

DSL/Cable/Fiber Providers

Blackfoot Communications

Blackfoot is a regional provider providing DSL Broadband to parts of Montana and Eastern Idaho.  They also provide what they call managed Wi-Fi so they’ll provide you the equipment to enable Wi-Fi and provide support and management of the service.  They can also provide phone service and cable TV options.



CenturyLink provides a variety of connectivity options for residential and business customers in the Bozeman area.  In many of the newer neighborhoods you’ll have the option of Fiber GigabitEthernet showing possible speeds of 970Mbps of bandwidth.  Our own neighborhood of Flanders Mill has this as an option.  If you are also looking for a traditional phone line aka land line this is one of the remaining options as well.  We’re talking old school POTS (plain old telephone service).


Montana Opticom

Montana Opticom is a local southwest Montana provider located in Bozeman. They can leverage some of the new fiber infrastructure available especially in the newer subdivisions.  Speeds can be up to 1Gbps depending on availability.


Spectrum (Charter Communications)

Spectrum provides multiple service options for broadband most of them delivered over their cable network.  Typical speeds can be up to 200Mbps of Internet connectivity or higher depending on the availability.  There is a physical store located on 19th where you can talk to a live person to understand your availability.



Global Net

Global Net has a variety of connection options in the wireless space to provide Internet service for more remote locations.  As mentioned below they can also provide access to the Bozeman Fiber network if you are located within their vicinity.  They are a local Montana company that has been providing these services for a long time.


Little Apple Technologies

A locally owned broadbrand provider based in Manhattan and they can provide solutions even without fiber or cable installations.

Website: is a wireless Internet Provider that serves the more rural and mountainous areas around Bozeman and Montana.  They also offer seasonal operations if your property or residence is uninhabited for portions of the year.


Municipal Bozeman Fiber Providers

Bozeman Fiber

Bozeman Fiber is a non-profit organization founded to provide fiber optic capabilities to Bozeman’s downtown core.  It covers approximately 29 miles but is largely focused on providing business level access.

The network is operated as a single high performance fiber network available to any and all service providers, including incumbent providers who want access to the significant market opportunity represented by Bozeman.  To that end this is not a service generally available to residential customers.

Global Net has teamed up with Bozeman Fiber to provide access to their Fiber Optic network.


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